Photography & Video Production

Have a story so awesome that you need a series of moving pictures to tell it?
Need us to do it in 90 seconds or less? No problem.

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Quality Video Services

Using video to communicate with your clients is easier than ever. Over half the population of the United States has the ability to watch a video within a few seconds using their smartphone, and most people own technology that is capable of capturing, editing and posting those same videos. Aside from traditional advertising spots, online video is an increasingly important part of your overall communication strategy. On top of that, video is one of the best tools for training your employees and reinforcing your brand.


We count on our team and technology to shoot your footage with the right mixture, combining images, states and sensations. We then organize all these compenents in a real and logical composition to show exactly what you want and give you real tools to improve your business.

Writing The Script

A successful video all begins with a script. The script acts as the blueprint for your video. At IAMP, we will develop tone and word choice to strategically enhance audience engagement ahead of time, in order to bring the best product to you.


At AMP Productions we analyze the angles, perspective, light and every single characteristic to capture the perfect shot and show as much as we can about you and your business, staying aligned with the philosophy and essence of your company.

We hired Rey to coordinate the promotions for our booth at a trade show we attended and from that one show they ended up creating 17 videos for our company which we now use for all our marketing.

John TateAgency Marketing Machine

I love working with Rey and his team. They run an a class show. I have used AMP Productions at may last three events and will continue to use them for all the future ones.

Jay AdkinsAgency Sales Academy

The turn around time was my favorite part of working with AMP Productions. I have worked with many web developers, graphic designers and marketers in the past. The one common problem is that they take so long to get the work back to you. I never had that problem with AMP Productions.

Sandra HessInsurance Surety Bond & Associates

These guys ROCK! They helped us so much with our event management and promotions. They made three awesome promo videos and built us a great website. Can’t wait till next years event to work together again. Thanks AMP Productions!

Brandon KittendorfFestival of Souls

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